Events 2014


  • 7th Workshop
  • 21st ‘Brabyns Park & The Iron Bridge’ J. Wilshaw
  • 28th Committee Meeting
  • February

  • 11th Workshop
  • 25th ‘Churches of Cheshire’ Ian Hamilton
  • 11th Workshop
  • March

  • 25th ‘Easter Folk’ Brian Hallworth
  • 8th Workshop
  • 22nd ‘All Cakes & Ale’ Don & Ann Metcalfe
  • 29th Committee Meeting
  • June

  • 10th Workshop
  • 24th AGM
  • July

  • 8th Quiz / Supper

Please Note

We try our best to keep our events up to date, however before travelling we reccomend checking with the organiser and / or the venue.


Committee Meetings &


Start 7.30 @ Denton Festival Hall Peel Street Denton M34 3JY
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Meeting with Speakers

Start 7.30
Victoria Park Community Centre
Rear Town Hall, Market Street
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