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21-12-14Happy Christmas to all our members.

30-9-14Welcome to our new look webpage. Some pages are still in the "Old Style" but will be updates shortly. All pages still work just fine.

5-9-14Denton - The Story of a Town at War. Download and display the poster for our up coming exhibition on the weekend of October 11/12.

17-8-14Events for the rest of 2104 and the first half of 2015 are now on line on the events page.

08-7-14 Thank you to all how attended our quiz night 2014 at the Lowes Arms Denton, a great night was had by all. Thank you to Rachel ,Pete and all the staff at the Lowes for looking after us. Plans for the 2015 quiz are already underway.

03-1-14Issue 62 of the dentonian added..

05-12-13Happy Christmas to ALL members of the Society

08-11-13Just in time for Remeberence Sunday, the society recieved these interesting articles and medal photo about the life and times of Mark Booth of the 16th Lancashire Fusiliers The Life and times of Private Mark Booth  The Service Record of Mark Booth  Marks Medals
Thanks to Charles Sandbach for sending us the articles and photo..

12-09-13Long To Reign Over Us. Download and display the poster for our up coming exhibition.

09/07/13 Quiz night 2013. A HUGE THANK YOU to all those who turned out to take part in the quiz tonight, including one member who travelled from the midlands to be with us.
Thank you to Pete,Gordon,Liz,Rachel,Alex,Matt,Sarah and everyone else for feeding us and making it a memorable night.
Please remember the Lowes Arms serves food most nigths and can cater for functions of all kinds. Give them a call on 0161 336 3064.
We look forward to seeing you for the 2014 quiz and hopefully at one of our planned meeting or events in the very near future. Details will be on line very shortly.
Jill DLHS.

05/05/13 Article about Denton Station appeared in the Metro newspaper

22/03/13 Events now updated to June 2013, as ever please check before travelling.

13/02/13Photos of Denton appeard on a recent web search at which may be of interest. Visit the main site www.francisfrith.com We've also added a '404' page. What's that you ask? We noticed some old pages were still on the site, they are now deleted but if someone does visit them instead of looking like we've gone they get this message. All good webpages have one and now we do too. We've also added a browser checker thanks to the nice folk at browser awareness day.com Thanks Guys ! and if you are updating your browser here is a great place to start the process.

02/08/12Denton Station
One of the most under used stations in the country "Denton" popped up on the BBC website at the begining of July in a short film called On board a real-life 'ghost train'.
You won't see them every day, and they rarely run when you might actually want to use them - but they're beloved by rail enthusiasts.
View the short BBC film On board a real-life 'ghost train' and visit dentonstation.co.uk


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